Sunscreen new fashion, Dongli new material permanent UV resistant fabric


    When spring comes, will summer be far behind? Seeing the pace of summer getting closer and closer, many protection measures for outdoor activities in summer have been put on the agenda in every relevant industry, and the first one is the protection of UV.

    Ultraviolet light in the solar spectrum not only makes the textiles fade and embrittle, but also makes the human skin burn and age, produce melanin and black spots, induce cancer, and seriously harm human health.

    In order to provide the most intimate and timely protection for outdoor athletes as early as possible, doonly new material has recently launched a special anti UV fabric, which is developed by doonly new material. The anti UV fabric contains UV absorbing material, which is safe, non-toxic, non irritating, non allergic reaction, and does not affect the color, strength, moisture absorption and permeability of the original fabric.

    Outdoor sports and daily life clothing have a higher and higher demand for defensive functional fabrics. Natural hand feel and leisure appearance make functional fabrics improved. With the new weaving technology and functional wearable equipment technology infiltrating into daily life, clothing has become more intelligent, and UV fabric has become the first choice of designers in spring and summer.

    The function and durability of the fabric have become the focus of attention. The ecological wind and rain proof materials are used to create durable clothing in the city and outdoor. Outdoor elements will continue to drive the development of women's street wear, the same trend applies to the men's market. Through the use of functional fabrics and functional elements, outdoor UV fabrics and commuter clothing are increasingly integrated. The cooperation of traditional outdoor brands and fashion designers drives functional design elements into daily street clothing.



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