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        Seersucker The name comes from Persian, which literally means "milk and candy", to describe the stripe lines of the foam cloth: the hand feel is mixed with milk like tenderness, and the candy is rough.

        Most of the seersuckers are polyester, and the light and thin fabrics are processed by special technology, so that the natural and delicate folds are formed on the fabrics, and the concave and convex small bubbles look like the fine waves in the sun. Because of these bumpy bubbles, the contact area between the cloth and the skin is reduced, which makes the clothes not close to the body, increases the air circulation and achieves cool achievements. It is also the origin of the "air conditioning" fabric.


        If there is any fabric that is breathable and easy to handle in summer, it must be a seersucker!

        The unique hand feeling reflects superior texture, belonging to the summer redemption of gentlemen. With its "unique cool" and "comfortable material", seersucker has become the most worthy style fabric in summer. When you think of it, you will think of the cool of swimming pool, yacht and sea breeze.


        Seersucker fabric usually has a classic white stripe, and the color matching is more refreshing. The use of color is more lively, which can better cater to the matching style of spring and summer!

        Seersucker usually represents leisure and vacation. For the seersucker suit, the most classic colors are blue and white, and the dark blue style is more stable. The concave and convex fabric features of the bubbles make the shape not too traditional and conservative. This color is very suitable for the workers who need to wear formal clothes to work in daily life, while maintaining the formal feeling of the shape, it also makes the shape comfortable. 


        Seersucker pants can make you feel more comfortable when walking in hot weather. This style of pants is very suitable for some white-collar people to choose. Matching with suits and shirts can make the shape look tasteful.

        The most common style of seersucker is suit, shirt and trousers. The fabric can also be integrated into more casual styles such as women's suspenders、 skirts and even T-shirts.

        Retro leisure, clean and fresh, full of summer flavor.

        The unique fabric of seersucker presents a kind of "casual" elegance, adding a hint of youth and vitality, which is more eye-catching visually.

        Seersucker fabric with classic white stripes, color matching is also more refreshing, the use of colors are more lively, but not too bright, which can better cater to the style of matching spring and summer. So in addition to linen fabric in spring and summer, seersucker can also bring comfort to the shape.

        Although the seersucker clothes are popular in the United States, you will find that the seersucker has a high rate of appearance in the summer men's clothing exhibition of Pitti uomo in Florence every year. In addition to their love for linen suits, these fashion experts also use seersucker shirts as their common items, which also proves the charm of the seersucker.


        The seersucker can also be used as outdoor clothing. The most typical one in spring and summer is skin clothing, which not only has the unique fabric, but also has the effect of outdoor leisure.

        Features of Doonly seersucker:

        ★Because the contact between the seersucker and the skin changes from the surface contact of ordinary fabric to the point contact, it is more ventilative and breathable to wear, which is also better than cotton T-shirt.

        ★And point contact of the seersucker, even sweat will not stick to the body, which is other cotton fabrics can not do.

        ★The color of seersucker fabric is rich, mostly light, refreshing.

        ★After testing, the tear tensile strength is 16.0n/6.0n, and the joint sliding movement is 2.0mm/3.0mm.


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