With the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, personal health, hygiene and safety considerations will become the first consideration for consumers. As shown in the WGSN core concept report, fabrics that can resist viruses and pollution will attract more and more attention, and bring added value and profit protection.


In a challenging era, safety and health care materials will become the focus of product differentiation, re-examining existing antibacterial solutions, and leading innovation through new anti-viral treatments and technologies that are put on the market.

When exposed to moisture or sweat, metals inhibit bacteria by releasing ions. Silver is often used in clothing, and cotton and silk are particularly suitable because of their hydrophilic and porous properties, which are easily affected by bacteria.


Antibacterial innovation can prevent the odor caused by bacteria, bring peace of mind, and make underwear, bottoms, sportswear, sportswear and intimate clothing worn repeatedly lasting fresh.

Inorganic active metals such as silver, zinc, copper, titanium, magnesium, and gold originally used in medical treatment have antibacterial effects and are safe for humans. The 450T Antibiosis S/D Nylon Jacquard developed by Dooly (450T antibacterial semi-gloss nylon lifting point) is breathable and antibacterial. The test results achieved tearing of 9.9N/24.9N and slippage of 2.0MM/2.0MM.


Gold, silver, copper and brass all have powerful antibacterial effects, and the practical properties of their fabrics will once again attract designers' attention. As the market focus shifts to health and health organizations, the popularity of these materials is becoming more and more popular.


When zinc salts and oxides are dissolved on nylon, polyester and cotton, they have a long-lasting antibacterial effect. Copper used in medical care has excellent antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and antiallergic effects. Its ability to kill viruses in a few minutes makes it a potential trump card for antiviral protective fabrics.

Synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, and spandex will leave peculiar smells, and washing alone cannot remove them. Because silver has antibacterial and antifungal effects, it is widely used by sportswear, underwear, socks and clothing brands to make it The product is long lasting and fresh.


Disinfection and antimicrobial materials in the healthcare sector enter the clothing and sports category and are presented in the form of health technology. The fear of the spread of the epidemic will distinguish the fibers and treatments that prevent the virus from spreading through the air. Doonly focuses on the research and development of sustainable fabrics, renewable environmentally friendly fabrics, antibacterial fabrics, and has passed professional testing data and testing standards, focusing on quality and R&D!


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