Down jacket quality problems
2020-01-13 11:43:38

Down jacket quality problems

In December 2012, Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Commission randomly purchased 14 batches of down clothes as ordinary consumers, involving gap, aileyi, E-land, Zara, kappa and other international and domestic famous brands.

It was found that 6 of 14 batches of products failed to meet the standard, and the proportion of failure to meet the standard was more than 40%. The main problem is short weight. Among them, the gap down jacket is labeled with 260g down filling, 190g measured, with a deviation of - 26.9%; the kappa down jacket is labeled with 90% down content, and the first measurement is 77%, which is not in line with the national standard. After the re inspection, take samples for re inspection, and the re inspection result is 81.4%, which is in line with the national standard; the jessila down jacket is labeled with 115g down jacket, 104g measured, with a deviation of - 9.6%; the E-land casual down jacket is not qualified; the sea is not qualified The product size and washing method of puffer fairy children's casual down coat are unqualified.


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