Down jacket filler
2020-01-13 11:42:16

The most common fillers in down jackets are goose down and duck down. These two kinds of fillers can be divided into white down and grey down according to their colors. According to the price, the order of down clothing on the market is: white goose down > grey goose down > white duck down > grey duck down. It may be affected by the ranking of sales price, so many people think that the quality of these cashmere is also ranked in this way, in fact, it is not. Through the theoretical research and practical experience of down, generally speaking, goose down with the same quality and content is better than duck down in terms of warmth retention and fluffy degree, but the color has little to do with the quality of down jacket.

As for why the white down is more expensive, I think the main reason is that the white down is better than the gray one, no matter in the light or dark fabric, it is not transparent; and the gray down is more selective, only the down jacket can be placed in the dark fabric. Considering the light white color, the suitable fabric range is wider. The second reason is the fiber structure of white velvet. The fiber tissue is relatively thin, soft, long and the fiber length makes it more fluffy and easy to keep warm.

Generally speaking, larger and more mature birds have better quality of fluff, so the fluff of geese will be better. But the production process of goose down and duck down is the same, they are not much worse in quality, fluffy and warmth retention.


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