Taslon material is better or polyester fiber is better
2020-01-19 17:16:51

    Taslon Taslan is a fabric made of nylon filament and nylon air textured silk. Polyester is pure polyester, and Taslon is better

    Jacquard Taslon

    Jacquard Taslon: its warp thread is 70D nylon filament, weft thread is 160D nylon air variant yarn; the fabric structure is double flat jacquard structure in spray

    Weaving on water loom. The fabric not only has the style of jacquard, but also is more creative than the same type of ordinary Taslon, and its texture is slightly better. The fabric is 165cm in width and 158g in weight per square meter. The wholesale price is generally 9.50 yuan / meter. There are purple red, grass green, light green and other different shades on the market. You can also customize different colors and weight of jacquard Taslon according to customer requirements. The fabric is not easy to fade and wrinkle, and has strong color fastness. It is suitable for women to make suits, skirts and other leisure clothing.

    Beehive Taslon

    Beehive Taslon: the fabric adopts 70D nylon FDY for warp and 160D nylon air variant yarn for weft. The warp and weft density is 430x200 pieces / 10cm. It is interwoven on the water jet loom with faucet. It basically adopts double plain weave. The fabric forms a kind of beehive lattice. The grey fabric is first relaxed and refined, alkali decremented, dyed, and then soft and set. The fabric has the characteristics of good air permeability, dry hand, soft and elegant, comfortable wearing, etc. It can not only make suit skirt, but also can be used for casual wear and children's wear. The upper body of this kind of fabric is comfortable to wear, elegant in appearance and harmonious in luster, which is the fashion fabric people pursue.

    Total extinction Taslon

    Full extinction Taslon: the fabric adopts full extinction 70D nylon-6fdy for warp and 160D nylon air variant for weft. The product has a wide range of application, which can not only make men's and women's sportswear, casual wear, but also the best fabric for children's and school uniforms. The most outstanding advantages are comfortable to wear, good heat preservation and air permeability, and affordable price, suitable for the public consumption, and loved by the majority of consumers. The fabric has been sold all year round. In addition, the product can also use special coating technology to make the hand feel softer and the color more bright.

    70D nylon filament is used for warp, 160D, 250D, 320d nylon air textured filament is used for weft, and single weft, double weft (250D × 2), three weft (160D × 3) are also used. There are two kinds of weave: plain weave and plain change weave (jacquard), and two-thirds twill. Taslon can also be divided into nylon Taslon and polyester Taslon. The raw material in one direction of warp and weft is air variable silk (nylon air variable silk or polyester air variable silk).


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