2020-01-19 17:04:21

    Taffeta refers to the silk fabrics made of high-quality mulberry silk and degummed mature silk and woven with plain weave. Its name comes from the English word taffeta, which means plain silk.

    The transliteration of taffeta in English means plain fabric. Also known as taffeta silk, it is a kind of high-grade mature silk fabric made of plain weave. The warp yarn adopts the double twist mature silk, the weft yarn adopts the combined single twist mature silk, and the plain weave structure is the ground. The fabric density is large, which is the most compact one among the silk fabrics.

    A silk fabric made of ripe silk. It can be divided into suotafu, huatafu, fanggetaf, shinning Tafu and Ziyun Tafu. Flower taffeta is the jacquard fabric in taffeta, the ground pattern is plain, and the pattern is made of eight satins. As the density of the warp is close, the pattern is highlighted and bright. The texture is firm, light and crisp, bright in color and soft in luster, but it is not suitable to fold and press. The pattern is generally medium-sized and large, and the style is smooth and generous. Suitable for clothing, umbrella and duvet cover, etc.

    Taffeta is characterized by its fine, clean and smooth surface, flat and beautiful appearance, good luster, tight fabric, strong hand feel, but it is easy to produce permanent creases after wrinkles. Therefore, it is not suitable to fold and press, and it is often used in drum packaging.


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