Taffeta variety
2020-01-19 17:07:44

    There are many varieties of taffeta:

    According to the raw materials used: silk taffeta, double Palace taffeta, silk cotton interwoven taffeta, silk weft taffeta, rayon taffeta, polyester taffeta, etc. ,

    According to the weaving technology, there are plain taffeta, flash taffeta, striped taffeta, jacquard taffeta, etc. Plain taffeta is woven with single color dyed mature silk; flash taffeta uses different colors of warp and weft silk to form flash effect after weaving into fabrics. Striped taffeta uses different colors of warp and connective silk to arrange at regular intervals, and forms stripe effect after weaving into fabrics; jacquard taffeta is referred to as flower taffeta for short, which is to weave Satin warp on plain ground of plain taffeta. Taffeta is compact, fine and clean. Its surface is flat, smooth and delicate. It feels firm, bright and soft. It is not easy to get dusty. Mainly used for women's spring and autumn clothing, festival dress, down fabric, etc.

    And taffeta related to a polyester taffeta, referred to as polyester taffeta.

    Polyester taff is a kind of polyester thin fabric with specifications of 190T, 250t, etc. the general market price is 2-2.5 yuan / m.

    Polyester taffer is suitable for jacket, umbrella, car cover, sportswear, sea umbrella, handbag, bag, sleeping bag, tent, artificial flower, shower curtain, tablecloth, chair cover and other high-end clothing lining materials.

    It can be coated on 170t, 180t, 190T, 210t, 230t, 240t, 260t, 300t (poly100%) with a series of post-processing treatments, such as gold coating, silver coating, white coating, red coating, black coating, super anti water splashing, etc.


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