Taffeta main decors
2020-01-19 17:10:48

    Main colors

    Whether silk taffeta or jacquard taffeta, there are many colors, such as black, white, pink, scarlet, royal blue, camel, rose, etc.

    Processing technology

    As the product belongs to high-grade mature pure silk fabric, the technological process is long and complex, and the weaving requirements are high. It requires fabrics: ① there are few small defects in silk weaving; ② there is no willow (color willow, buckle willow, etc.) in the meridional direction. ③ Weft direction is not blocked (weft, crosswise, tight fiber, color blocking); ④ the silk surface is flat without wrinkle printing; ⑤ the fabric is fat, smooth and full; ⑥ the color fastness is more than three levels, and the color is bright. Although the fabric structure is simple, each process is quite strict, so careful design and operation are very important. Main process flow:

    Meridional direction: the raw materials are choosy, one winding, one twisting, one winding, one warping and one weaving

    Weft direction: the raw material is picky, the yarn is twisted, the yarn is twisted, the yarn is self-determined, the yarn is twisted, the yarn is dyed, the yarn is twisted, the weft is weaved

    Finishing of fabrics

    After the taffeta fabric is woven, it needs to go through the preliminary inspection, re inspection, sampling inspection, finishing, packaging and other finishing processes in the finished product workshop, and it can only be sold after passing the commodity inspection. The inspection time line shall be Beiguang. The inspection shall be carried out according to the national standard or sealed sample standard. Finishing process includes sorting and tide. Repair and sorting shall be clean, and the weaving defects shall be repaired and sorted as well as possible. Tide should have no water mark and eliminate crease mark. When the packing drum is rolled, it shall be flat and free of wrinkles. It shall be packed in boxes in strict accordance with the variety and design number.

    Suitable wedding dress style

    Taffeta's most suitable wedding dress styles include: fishtail wedding dress, A-line dress and decorated princess dress.


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