Puffiness of down jacket
2020-01-15 14:56:44

    Fluffy is an important index to measure the warmth retention of down in the world, which refers to the volume cubic inch per ounce (30g) of down under certain conditions. For example, an ounce of down takes up 600 cubic inches of space, which is called a 600 degree of fluffy down. Generally speaking, the fluffy degree of plump and mature birds is high, on the contrary, the fluffy degree of small birds is low.

    But what's the use of puffiness? There is a saying that the filling amount represents the "quantity" of cashmere, while the cashmere content determines the "quality" of cashmere, and the fluffy degree is also an important measurement index. The higher the number of tents, the better the warm keeping function. Because the more fluffy, the more insulating air the down contains, the better the insulation performance.

    General price down jacket, fluffy degree is about 450-500, price slightly higher down jacket, fluffy degree can reach 600-900.

    From the perspective of international better down jacket models (many of which are designed for outdoor sports), the amount of down filling of down jacket with high canopy number is generally not high, such specifications are generally used as the middle layer of the inner liner, which is convenient for compression and carrying when outdoor sports. In the outdoor sports, as the outer clothing for warmth preservation, it usually has a high filling quantity and a low number of awning, between 650-750.

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