Down content
2020-01-15 14:54:45

    Cashmere content

    Down content refers to the percentage of down and down filled in this garment in the feather and down of all fillers. For example, if you buy a down jacket filled with 90% white duck down and 10% white feathers, it shows that the down content of the garment is 90%.

    When you decide to buy a down jacket, you must first look at the product label on the collar. If the down content is less than 50%, you should pay attention to it. It does not meet the minimum standards of the national down garment regulations.

    Filling capacity

    We must pay attention to the fact that the filling quantity is different from the filling quantity. The filling quantity is the percentage, and the filling quantity is the actual feather + the mass gram of the pile. It is related to the size, length, style and other factors of the clothes.

    The amount of down filled clothing I just bought is known as "Er Liang", that is, 100g. Some friends like to buy down clothes with large amount of down filling when they buy down clothes. They think it will be warmer if they are thick. But you must not underestimate the amount of down, because the warm function of down itself is very large. 80% of the down content is warmer than 75%.


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