Can polyester be recycled?
2020-01-19 17:31:15

    Polyester, also called pet, is the most commonly used packaging material for food and beverage. As early as 60 years ago, it has been applied in developed countries. Since it was introduced into China in the early 1960s, due to the backwardness of the petrochemical industry, it has been developing slowly. Until the 1990s, several 300000 ton ethylene projects were built in China, and this situation began to improve. However, PET technology is not as good as import, and the most prominent is the performance degradation after regeneration.

    At present, some pure water plants, especially some small plants, basically use recycled materials, mainly to reduce costs. Some large plants also need to add some recycled materials, which can also be added to fiber materials. Pet can be recycled and utilized. The simple process is: sorting - crushing (water powder, that is to say, it can be cleaned at the same time) - cleaning, drying - granulation and other processes.

    Because pet itself is expensive and its recovery cost is also high, if the processing and regeneration process is not high and the relative quantity is limited, the profit space is not very large. Except for plastic, benzene plate, woven bags and other comprehensive recycling.


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